In case you are looking to do a warranty claim, our on-site warranty service with the terms and conditions are as follows :
  • Warranty offered starts at the date of first purchase, regardless of whether a warranty replacement occurs.
  • Warranty coverage is based on duration since the first purchase travelled since the first purchase.
  • Warranty replacements are only offered when the battery is deemed defective and the battery can’t start the vehicle.
  • Warranties do not include human mistakes (forgot to switch off lights, the car is not driven for too long) and any other external factor that causes the battery to be discharged (current leak, weak alternator etc). A RM30 diagnostic fee will be imposed.
  • If the vehicle’s alternator is below 13.5V under full load, this indicates that the alternator is not in good health ie LOW CHARGING. The warranty will be inactive till the customer provides proof of replacement or repair for the alternator, of which the warranty will be reactivated from the purchase date of the battery.
  • The warranty is void if the product is found to be damaged due to: negligence, abuse, misuse, accident, modification, tampering or alteration.
  • On-site warranties are limited to certain areas covered by the fulfilment partner only and are subject to availability of on-site technician. In the event of an on-site warranty being executed, a service fee of RM30 will apply if it is deemed that the battery is in working condition or the battery is not eligible for warranty.
  • Warranty for the battery is only applicable to the first vehicle installed. Any unauthorized removal of the car battery will void the warranty. For customers who wish to transfer the car battery to another vehicle, they must first contact to us. We will arrange a technician to perform the installation/swap. Free for walk-ins but charges may apply for on-site.
  • The warranty covers manufacturing defects only, it does not cover circumstances whereby the battery is discharged due to owners forgetting to turn off lights, infrequent driving / inadequate driving time to allow for battery to recharged, current leak, weak alternator and any other external factors that causes the battery to be discharged. Should you request for on-site warranty and it is discharged due to the issues mentioned above, a RM30 diagnostic fee may apply.
  • Walk-in warranties are available during operation hours at our business premise. No charges will be applied to walk-in warranties.
  • It is the driver’s responsibility to maintain the battery charge of their vehicle battery and to drive their vehicle regularly to maintain battery health. In circumstances whereby a vehicle has not been started for forty five days (45) days or more, the vehicle battery health will be severely affected and the battery’s ability to store charge will reduced. Should a warranty claim arise under this circumstance, batteryplus will assist in the claim but it will be subjected to the discretion of the product manufacturer. No charges shall apply if the warranty is off-site (at our premises) but RM 30 charge shall apply if the warranty is on-site (not at our premises).

Our warranty claim procedure is as follows :

  • Contact us for an on-site warranty/walk-in warranty.
  • Our technician will perform a basic diagnostic of the condition of the battery with our battery tester tool.
  • If the battery test result shows the battery as unhealthy, we will take the battery back to our HQ for checking and provide your car with a temporary battery for you to use.
  • The battery will then be tested again at our HQ for an advanced test. This would take 3 – 5 working days.
  • In case the battery is still in good condition (serviceable), the battery will be charged and installed back in the customer’s car.
  • In case the battery is deemed faulty, a new battery will be installed in the customer’s car.
  • The installation of the battery is FREE for walk-in, RM30 delivery charge for on-site installation.
  • You will be notified of the warranty result via call/sms. Customers must claim the warranty battery within 30 days by walk-in/on-site installation. Failure to do so will result in termination of the remaining warranty.